fredag 21 november 2014

Ett år har gått igen

Idag fyllde jag 26 år.
Idag fyllde min dotter Nina 1 år.

Känns konstigt att tänka att Nina bara funnits i mitt liv i ett år, känns som om hon alltid varit med mig.
Ifjol denhär tiden på dygnet låg jag i en säng på Jakobstad BB (som numera är nerlagt) och höll min lilla prinsessa i famnen. Var så lycklig då allt hade gått utan problem.

Sen hände en hel del. Jag separerade, flyttade hem till Vörå till en liten stuga, började studera på distans, Viggo och Nina började på familjedaghem och Viggo får nu både tal- och ergoterapi.

Otroligt vad mycket som hinner hända på ett år egentligen.

Få se vad det kommande året för med sig då för förändringar och händelser.

måndag 17 november 2014

Kitchen Nightmares

Today I'm watching Kitchen Nightmares wih Gordon Ramsay. I've been watching it almost every evening at 8 pm when it comes from jim. I remember hearing that Ramsay was a devil, mean and used alot of swear-words.

After watching the first part I realized that he didn't actually do it cause he wanted to be mean -he just tried to wake them up from their ignorance! So I must say that it has got a lot more intresting by the time has passed. Although I hope the restaurant owners are exaggurated sometimes -I mean, they just can't be that stupid for real everyone of them!

söndag 16 november 2014

Magic Mike

A male stripper teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money.
the storyline if you read IMDB.

 And I guess that is what the story is all about -but don't forget that there is some seriously hot guys in the movie as well. Or should I say, someone for every kind of taste?

Anyway, I've seen it twice and it was beter the first time -the second time I would have wanted to just fast forward to the dancingscenes cause the story that is told beside the stripping isn't that wow or fascinating really.

So this movie is for women who want to watch some hot guys dancing -or guys that wanna learn some moves to impress on women. And not to be taken as a serious or mindblowing movie though.

lördag 15 november 2014

My movies on V, W and Y

Vampires: Los Muertos (2002)
A vampire movie with Jon Bon Jovi in it. Very good action, very good acting (from a musician) and real vampires that wanna bite your head of!
Volcano (1997)
A volcano in the middle of a  town is a real disaster, and their battle to fight it is very good. A classic allready in my eyes.

Wanted (2008)
Action, Angelina Jolie. Unreal but very actionfilled. I guess if you don't mind the fact that you know it isn't real for 1 cent then you will enjoy it.

Watcher, the
Keanu Reeves, old movie but didn't find from what year. But a good thriller. Used to come often from the tv but aven't seen it there on a while.

Yes man (2008)
Important message given in a funny way with a funny man like Jim Carrey. A success in other words.

You got served (2004)
Dance movie, very good dancing. Really love all dancemovies so it was a must have.


Didn't find the casepicture anywhere so instead I took two posters from the movie.

Every week, toy-shop owner Gan and his cute assistant Ai battled the evil Doronbo gang. The gang led by femme fatale Doronjo and her assistants-pig-nosed muscleman Tonzra and rat-faced mecha genius Boyacky-for pieces of the mystical skull stone, and every week the Doronbo gang failed (usually due to incompetence). Then there was a mushroom cloud, Gan and Ai did their Yatterman dance and the gang regrouped the following week to do it all over what IMDB has to tell us about this movie.

I watched it with a friend, and we were both horrified and had no idea if we should laugh at it or cry.
Sometimes you could think it was made as a childrens movie -and then something so clearly sexual happened that you just wished no children had seen it.

It is based on a anime-tvseries (actually, it is based on a spinof-serie from the original series).

Well, it looked more like a videogame than a movie. Not really good acting (in my eyes) and I didn't get the whole idea with it. But it wasn't made for me either... I'm no anime fan so maybe I was doomed to not understand it even before I tried watching it.

Either way, do you see it in the shelf somewhere... do. not. take. it. home!
Unless you are really bored and have no braincells left that it could kill -then you can take it home and watch it.

onsdag 12 november 2014

"It's like that"

Aaaah, en dag då man bara kännt man haft flyt och allt varit bra och man varit gladare än på länge.
Vad har gjort dagen så bra då? Jag vet inte riktigt.

Fick läst ena läxboken och hämtat bok nummer två. Första var om New Age och läste om Healing, UFOn, spådomstekniker och kort introduktion till New Age överlag. Plockade ut det jag tyckte var viktigt och ska småningom läsa en bok skriven av en som motsätter sig New Ages ideer. Oså ska jag då diskutera deras synpunkter och ta ställning till folkloristens arbete inom detta.
Okej, detdär lät såå mycket jobbigare nu än tidigare... men inte tappa modet! Säkert får jag skrivet något bra ändå!

Så for jag iväg och tränade styrka för första gången på länge och fick gjort ett riktigt bra 45minuters pass på tryckluftsmaskinerna! Höjd ju stämningen också.

Så åt jag god hamburgartallrik från grillen och köpte nya vinterskor som säkert håller mina fötter varma även om det blir minus 30! Och riktit sköna att gå med till dagis sedan.

Så hann jag få diskat, kollat posten, sökt efter en sak på nätet, duschat och lyssnat på lite bra musik medan jag plockade undan (innan jag hämtade barnen). Vi var ute en stund på gården och inne var de så söta -tills Nina blev för trött. Stackaren hostar nog ännu ordentligt, så hon sover i sittern nu och jag bäddar på golvet åt mig igen. Så hoppas jag att vi alla tre sover gott ändå -och gärna längre än till 7 en gång.

Vad annat gör mig glad då? Kanske det faktum att man har så härlig manlig vän att sitta och diskutera B-filmer med. Att man har en hel del vänner annars också så gör ju inget sämre. Barnen är ju bara underbara också. Min bror med fru och baby har kommit upp från Åbo så ska få träffa dem snart också, blir första gången jag får se deras lilla på riktigt!
Så, mycket småsaker gör en vanlig dag till en väldigt bra dag. Enkelt sagt.

The gym had relocated...

Visited Norrvalla here in Vörå to do some weightlifting, and it had relocated to the rooms by the swimarea! Well much better lights (not too bright), beter interior, more equipment and way beter speakersystem so you could really blast the music while working out.
Just a bit disturbing when people could come walking through for the toilets or to go swimming.

I really need someone to show me weightlifting with real weights there and not only use the airpressurised machines. But I got some good exercise from using only a few of them and really put as much pressure that I could do 10 reps with, and still pushed myself to 15 reps.
And did them 3 times. Since I have to be careful with my shoulder I made sure to let the arms rest now and then and did some legs or back between.

Also I managed to get the 70 pushups done there! 35+20+15 so that was the only exercise that went "the other way" so it got easier and easier.

Looking forward to go next week again!

Sand Sharks

A shark who swims in sand terrorizes a tropical paradise. That is all that IMDB has to say about the movie, and it was about as good as the amount of words used... Not very good special effects, really really bad acting sometimes and well... Just not good at all!
But hey, if you like sharkmovies and you don't even have some cartoons to watch right now at home -you can always check this out.
But make sure you are drunk or something, maybe that would have made it a little bit funnier...

måndag 10 november 2014

My movies on T and U

Transporter 2 (2005)
Transporter 3 (2008)
Well Jason Statham is a very good actor, and a bad ass fighterin his movies. Of course the first one is always the best but still, they all have something good in them. Although sometimes things can get a bit over the top.

Twilight I-V
I've read all the books and seen all the movies and own them ofcourse. I was a huge Twilightfan in the beginning. But the actors didn't keep up the good energy and I started to miss something after the first movie in the others -not sure what was wrong but something. But if you are a vampirefreak you should check them out -just cause they are new kind of vampires.

U.S.Seals II (2001)
Action, war, soldiers and pretty good actors. A bit predictable but if you want a easy to follow movie it is a good choice.
Unrest (2008)
 Horror movie ofcourse, you can guess that from the name. Can't really remember anything from it so it didn't leave such a good impression on me then. But hey, horrormovies are always horrormovies.

Untraceable (2008)
 Thriller, and a bit horror I guess. Okay but didn't really leave any mark on me or memory. Tend to come from tv now and then so you can always watch it when nothing else good is on he telly.

Urban legend (1998)
Urban legends: final cut (2000)
Really good movies, and even beter now since I'm kind of studying Urban Legends nowadays in university. I had heard of all the legends in the movies before seeing them -although it is only number one that really is about legends.But really good, old school horror (like "Scream" or "I know what you did last summer") so check them out when you get the opportunity!

söndag 9 november 2014

Sharknado & Sharknado 2:The Second One

Watching the second one right now from FOX, first time in Finlands tv.

Well, as you can imagine from the name and the cover -it is higly unlikely movie with a lot of B-class effects. I'm not so impressed by the acting either.

But hey, it is said to be one of the best bad movies of the 21st century!


Jag har total idetorka vad jag ska skriva om, så förvarnar att det kan bli  ett väldigt babbligt och förvirrat inlägg.

Sitter och ser på "Sharknado 2: The Second One" (vilket orginelt namn). Grafiken verkar vara lika kass som i första filmen, skådespelarinsatserna lika halvplatta... men nåja, tyckte ju första var så dålig att den nästan var bra -kanske denhär 2an visar sig vara likadan?

Nina har haft feber och har ännu hosta -och näsan har börjat rinna. Hoppas ändå på att hon orkar och kan sova i egen säng inatt, har senaste två nätterna sovit på vardagsrumsgolvet med henne (annars väckte hon Viggo hela tiden då hon hostade). Får verkligen vara glad att mommo hämtade hit en extra madrass vi har liggandes på vardagsrumsgolvet hela dagarna så vi får mysa, vila, busa och göra circuskonster på den. Imorgon är det dagisdag och om hon inte får tillbaka febern inatt eller imorgon bitti har jag nog menat hon ska få fara. Jag har en del jag behöver ta hand om också ärenden så.

Har blivit godkänd i min första kurs! Nästa kurs har jag redan fått hemskickad, kommer att läsa om Folklig läkekonst, Vampyrer från folktradition till populärkultur o myycket annat intressant. Kan inte vänta på att få fara till biblioteket imorgon och låna hem böckerna!! Är så taggad att fortsätta studera nu.

Nå, om jag skulle fortsätta se på denhär väldigt orealistiska filmen... nu blev en man äten av en alligator i New Yorks kloaker o alligatorn blev äten av en haj....

måndag 3 november 2014

Pushup challenge and running

Yesterday I was out running on plain ground -no hills whatsoever. Very wet dirt-road so felt like my feet got stuck and didn't want to leave the ground, and my knees didn't like it when there were tracks so I never had the weight straight down... so got very short, 3.85km but I could run faster then and for once it didn't hurt in my chest and stomach! I guess it really was a good thing to be out running with friends now and then so I can challenge myself (they are both beter than me) and run where there is alot of hills sometimes.

Atleast it felt like I had done some huge progress finally!
And today I was out running alone at the local skicenter -was like running in mud the whole way! Well it was somewhere between 7-8km, averagespeed 6,1km/h more or less.
Now I've loaded Sports Tracker to keep track of my running in the woods cause the one I have been using always gets lost and measure some very strange routes...

Also now when it is November I'm doing Tikis punnerrushaaste (pushup challenge). Today is 3.11 so I did day three right after getting in from running. Feels good to finally be a bit active again! Just need to get my foodcravings in order again then.

I love sugar -always have and always will- but lately it been really hard to resist it! I even started to put in my tea again...! After drinking sugarfree tea a couple of months, not proud of myself but backfires will come now and then, only to grab yourself in the neck and lift yourself up and do something beter!

Oh, so looking forward to Manic Run 7.2 in Seinäjoki. Getting closer and closer!
And also Väriestejuoksu 2.5 in Vasa! I really hope it will be bigger, beter, more challenging and different than last year! Maybe I should sign up allready, cheap right now and you get some stuff free of charge!

Here is still the Punerrushaaste:
And you can do some of them in the morning and the rest later (like when it will be 115).