onsdag 3 december 2014


I was out skiing for the first time since 2012 today. Was wonderful weather with sunshine and not cold nor hot. And just a gentle breeze.

And here they have made a short distance with "fake snow" so you can ski, but I went it 10 times and it got only 5,61km -so it is only 561meters long.
I really do hope there will be colder weather soon so they can start making it longer.

Also I've been in the gym now and then. Using the airpressure-machines. That has really helped me with my shoulder so I'd like to go more often, but still the small obstacle in shape of my two small children. But hey, maybe I can convince my dad to start coming every ..... for an hour so I can go exercise? It doesn't hurt to ask does it?

Well anyway, I will be going skiing 1time/week atleast cause they realized that I haven't paid for a seasoncard, so I got a bill due the 11.12 to pay it. And since I have paid to use the snow I will use it!

But hey, 5,61km in 40minutes classical style -with no grip whatsoever. That isn't so bad is it? Especially for not standing on a couple of skis for 2 years!

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