söndag 11 mars 2012

Week 10: On top of

 Disk samlas on top of varandra hela tiden, men dethär ser ju nästan ut som en finare dukning.

 Model One rött glitter nagellack on top of svart nagellack från flera olika märken.

Reklalmskylt on top of snöhög, bara högen smälter lite mera har de en vinkad skylt istället.

On top of the clouds
there is a place
where those who left us
linger and watch
over us
to guide us on the path
that will in the end bring us joy

On top of the clouds
they see much more than you 
or me can see
they see where you go
they see where you went
they see what you deserve
and they help you find what you need.

On top of the clouds
they wait for us
to take their place
and guide our own children
on a path like ours
or a beter way.
(copyright Marion Norrgård)

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